Cappella Amsterdam does not just sing music that charms and captivates, but does this at the highest possible level. For its performances, the choir has received many prizes and a stream of positive reviews. Cappella Amsterdam offers the classical choir repertoire in all its glory and dedicates itself, every single year, to bring to you the most beautiful and important choral pieces, both old and new.

Daniel Reuss (1961) is the artistic director of Cappella Amsterdam. Under his guidance the choir has professionalised and risen to international fame.

Cappella Amsterdam produces a cappella concerts. Besides this, we frequently engage in intensive collaborations with the Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century and make co-productions with the critically acclaimed Asko|Schönberg and other Dutch ensembles and orchestras.

Cappella sings internationally with ensembles and collaborates in a multidisciplinary way with companies and organisations such as Holland Festival, Dutch National Opera & Ballet and Project Wildeman. Almost every year our choir releases CD’s under Harmonia Mundi’s label.

The choir sings circa 15 productions per season, bringing almost 60 concerts to large and small concert halls in The Netherlands and abroad.

Theme of 2019-2020: Zie de mens! (Behold the man!)

We keep on seeing less and less of each other. During a train ride we don’t bother to look around. We are hooked to our screens. We are preoccupied with ‘views’ and ‘likes’, but we never really look at each other. Obsessively we share our egos on Instagram and Facebook, but we never speak to our neighbours. We have neighbours enough though. The media speaks about enormous crowds of people coming to The Netherlands. Does this crowd have a face? Where can we meet it? Time to catch up!

In the season 2019-2020 Cappella Amsterdam shows you yourself: mankind. We are human, in all our vulnerability, heroism, beauty and ugliness. We offer a richly varied palette where our longings, fears, dreams and nightmares shine through.

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